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ASA Members at the 2019 APA Pacific Meeting

Friday, November 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Julie Van Camp
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Are you attending the Pacific meetings of the American Philosophical Association in Vancouver April 17-20, 2019? Many ASA members are presenting work on aesthetics and related areas. Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, April 17

Colloquium: Aesthetics

9-10 am: Gilbert Plummer (Law School Admission Council), "Is There Such a Thing as Literary Cognition?"

10-11 am: Chair: Ian Heckman (University of British Columbia)
Servaas van der Berg (University of British Columbia), "Motivational Inversion in Appreciation"
Commentator: Flo Leibowitz (Oregon State University)

11 am - 12 n.

Chair: Aleksey Balotskiy (University of British Columbia
William Seeley (Boston College), "Staying Ooptimistic (about Neuroscience and Art)"

Colloquium: Epistemology

2-3 pm:  Commentator: Julianne Chung (University of Louisville)

Colloquium: Political Philosophy

3-4 pm: Jennifer Welchman (University of Alberta), "Return of the Living Dead: Ethics and the Resurrection of Zombie Species"

6-9 pm: Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts

Chair: John McAteer (Ashford University)

Thursday, April 18

1-4 pm: Syllabus Makeover Competition: APA Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies

Julianne Chung (University of Louisville)

6-8 pm: Society for the Philosophy of Creativity

Speaker: Meilin Chinn (Santa Clara University), "The Way Back: Daoist Reversal and Phenomenological Reduction"

6-9 pm: North American Neo-Kantian Society

Speaker: Samantha Matherne (Harvard University), "Toward an Aesthetic A Priori: Merleau-Ponty's Reading of Kant"

Friday, April 19

9 am - 12 n: Book Symposium: Dominic McIver Lopes, Being for Beauty: Aesthetic Agency and Value

Chair: James O. Young (University of Victoria)
Speakers: Julia Driver (Washington University in St. Louis)
Samantha Matherne (Harvard University)
James Shelley (Auburn University)
Author: Dominic McIver Lopes (University of British Columbia)

1-4 pm: Invited Symposium: Liking Aesthetic Value

Chair: Sonia Sedivy (University of Toronto)
Speakers: Mohan Matthen (University of Toronto), "Can Aesthetic Hedonism be Revived?"
Keren Gorodeisky (Auburn University), "On Liking Aesthetic Value"
Commentators: Anthony Cross (Texas State University)
Alex King (University at Buffalo)

4-6 pm: Symposium: Aesthetic Value

Chair: David Friedell (University of British Columbia)
Commentators: Eva Dadlez (University of Central Oklahoma)
James Harold (Mount Holyoke College)

7-9 pm: Society for German Idealism and Romanticism: Book Symposium: Joseph Tinguely, Kant and the Reorientation of Aesthetic

Critic: Samantha Matherne (Harvard University)
Author: Joseph Tinguely (University of South Dakota)

 Saturday, April 20

1-4 pm: APA Committee: Personal Ideals
Journal of the American Philosophical Association

Speaker: Nick Riggle (University of San Diego), "Personal Ideals as Metaphors"

4-6 pm: Invited Paper:  Metaphilosophy, Intersectionality, and Race Theory

Speaker: Paul C. Taylor (Vanderbilt University), "Uneasy Sanctuaries: The Evasion of Identity in Liberatory Philosophy"

4-6 pm: Invited Symposium: Agency and the Built Environment

Speakers: C. Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University), "Games and Autonomy"
Zed Adams (The New School), "The City as Interface"

4-6 pm: Symposium: Herder

Speaker: Jonathan Fine (Yale University), "Historicist Thickets in Herder's Fourth Grove"
Commentator: Clinton Tolley (University of California, San Diego)

6-9 pm: Symposium: American Society for Aesthetics

chair: C. Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University)
Anthony Cross (Texas State University, “Agency Traps and Sticky Ends: Art and Agential Risk”
Matthew Strohl (University of Montana), "On Aesthetic Akrasia"
Alex King (University at Buffalo), "Self Versus Other: Aethetics and Overridingness"

Our thanks to Jonathan Weinberg for organizing this session for the ASA.

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Christian Spiros M. KronstedWinner of the 2020 Outstanding Student Paper
Sandra ShapshayASA Delegate to the International Aesthetics Association 2020-2022

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