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Feminist Caucus Committee (FCC)
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A Brief History of the FCC on the 30th anniversary of its Founding

The ASA Feminist Caucus Committee

The American Society for Aesthetics' Feminist Caucus Committee, which began in 1990 as the Feminist Caucus, actively strategizes how to achieve its goals. These include expanding the range of topics under discussion at annual and divisional meetings, as well as within the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism; increasing the number of women on conference programs, who serve as trustees and officers of the ASA, and as authors within the journal and other publications in aesthetics; and extending the range of teaching options in the classroom beyond traditional, mainstream aesthetics. Membership in the committee is open to all ASA members, whose involvement during annual ASA meetings is especially welcomed. In conjunction with the program committee for annual meetings, the Feminist Caucus Committee usually sponsors a special session plus a business lunch meeting, generously subsidized by the ASA (usually held on Thursday).

The ASA supports FCC's goals regarding the Gendered Conference Campaign (GCC) When selecting panels for the annual meeting, the Program Committee considers whether steps have been taken to support the GCC, as evidenced by the recruitment and participation of women and members of other historically under-represented and excluded groups.

In 2015, FCC celebrated its 25th anniversary with a full day of workshop discussions download the program, followed by a celebratory reception at the Desoto Hilton, Savannah, Georgia. The working committee for this event included Peg Brand Weiser, Carolyn Korsmeyer, Sarah Worth, Sheila Lintott, Summer Renault-Steele, Ivan Gaskell, Nils Stear, and Tim Gould.

The FCC convenes regularly at the ASA Annual Meeting to review past and current initiatives, as well as to plan future projects that promote diversity within the discipline. In conjunction with the program committee, the FCC sponsors sessions at the society's annual and regional meetings. FCC invites session proposals for the 2021 meeting in Montreal.

The Winners of the 30th Anniversary of the Feminist Caucus Committee Essay Prize are Sherri Irvin, "Resisting Body Oppression: An Aesthetic Approach," Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, 3:4 (2017), with Honorable mention to Alia Al-Saji, "Glued to the Image: A Critical Phenomenology of Racialization through Works of Art," JAAC 77:4 (Fall 2019) The winning paper will be the subject of a panel discussion at the 78th Annual Meeting.

Thanks to ASA Secretary-Treasurer Julie Van Camp, new ASA initiatives complement FCC goals and provide ongoing opportunities for ASA members.

Of special note:

- University of California San Diego Summer Program for Women in Philosophy (SPWP); ASA faculty representatives for this program have included Anne W. Eaton (2015), Sondra Bacharach (2016), Mary Beth Willard (2017), Sarah Worth (2018), and Julianne Chung (2019).
- Rutgers University Summer Institute for Diversity. ASA faculty representatives for this program have included Jane Forsey (2015), Anna Christina Ribeiro (2016), Mary Beth Willard (2017), Sarah Worth (2018), and James Haile (2019)
- Summer Immersion Program in Philosophy at Brown: ASA faculty representatives for this program have included Anne W. Eaton (2016), Shen-yi Liao (2017), and James Haile (2018 and 2019).

From our members

- for 2015 data that challenges the misperception that sex discrimination has ended and "women are treated equally in the art world now," see "Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes" written by Maura Reilly, author and curator based in New York.
- to read the stats provided in a 2015 blog entry from HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) entitled, "Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies".
Sharing scholarship is an integral part of advancing feminist research within aesthetics and the philosophy of art. FCC encourages all feminist aesthetics scholars to share their work at or alternately, at under "Feminist Aesthetics" (under the categories of Feminist Approaches to Philosophy/Feminist Philosophy/Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality). Moreover, the UP directory publicizes information about philosophers who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy. The purpose of the directory is to provide an easily accesssible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the work of philosophers belonging to underrepresented groups within the discipline.

On-Line Resources

Some books on Feminism, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

FCC Officers

The FCC officers, since January 1, 2019:

Chair: Gemma Argüello Assistant co-chair: Sue Spaid

Gemma Argüello Manresa is Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional de México (UNAM). She is researcher for the National Research System (Level 1) in Mexico, and Chair of the Feminist Caucus and Social Media Editor for the American Society for Aesthetics. She works on Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Political Philosophy and Feminist Studies. She has been a member of various research projects at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, where she was Visiting Professor in the Digital Art and Media Program, the Institute of Philosophical Research at UNAM, where she was Postdoctoral Fellow, and the Department of Philosophy at UNAM. Currently, she is working on a research for a book on social practice art, she is part of the project "Medium and Species: Ecology and evolution from the perspective of natural philosophy" at UNAM and she is co-organizing a project on Intersectional and Decolonial Feminism and Violence in America as a result of a collaboration between UNAM and Northwestern University. She is also preparing two papers, one on Feminist Aesthetics and another about Mexican Aesthetics. Some of her recent publications are "Poetry in and for society: Poetic messages, creativity, and social change" co-authored with Vlad Glavenau (in Poetry and imagined worlds: Creativity and everyday experience, Palgrave Publishers, 2017), "A Philosophy of Disturbatory Feminist Art" in Aesthetic Investigations II (2016) and "Digital Street Art" co-authored with Sondra Bacharach (in Collaborating Now: Art in the Twenty First Century, Routledge, 2016). She is also member of the research and artistic group Arte + Ciencia. She has worked as an independent curator for many contemporary art museums and exhibition venues and she is currently co-curating an exhibition program based on participatory art at the Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City.

Sue Spaid is Associate Editor of Aesthetic Investigations. She recently published Ecovention Europe: Art to Transform Ecologies, 1957-2017, her fifth book on art and ecology. She is currently completing her first philosophy monograph, The Philosophy of Curating: From Work to World, which reflects her nearly thirty-five years experience as a critic, gallerist, curator, and museum director. In addition to regularly presenting papers at philosophy conferences, she has published chapters in The State of Art Criticism (2008), The Philosophy of Arthur Danto (2013), Arte y Filosofía en Arthur Danto (2016), Advancements in the Philosophy of Design (2017) and articles in journals such as Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Rivista di Estetica, Journal of Somaesthetics, Popular Inquiry,mArt Inquiry: Recherche sur les art, and Philosophica.

Many thanks to outgoing officers: Sheila Lintott, Chair, at and Sondra Bacharach, Vice-Chair,

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Virtual Workshop on the Philosophy of Games

11/9/2020 » 11/14/2020
Virtual: ASA 78th Annual Meeting

Featured Members
Christian Spiros M. KronstedWinner of the 2020 Outstanding Student Paper
Robert SteckerJAAC Co-editor & ASA Trustee; Program Chair 2003 Annual Meeting

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