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2013 ASA Rocky Mountain Division Meeting
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The Rocky Mountain Division held its 30th annual meeting this year. The Saturday evening reception was once again well attended, and folks seemed to continue to enjoy the surrounding rail yard district. This year, we were pleased to have Dr. Sarah Worth, of Furman University, delivering the Manual Davenport Keynote Address on Friday afternoon. In addition, we were honored to inaugurate the Michael Manson Artist Keynote Address which was delivered by Siegfried Halus on Saturday afternoon.

This year brought us another first: the offering of a field trip to the historic San Miguel Chapel, led by Robin Jones, Executive Director of Cornerstones Community Partnerships. Cornerstones Community Partnerships has worked the past three years on San Miguel chapel, one of the oldest churches in the U.S. Compromised by a coating of cement, the church was in disrepair. Through community volunteerism, the church has been cleared of cement stucco, repaired, and re-coated with mud stucco. Those interested gathered at the Chapel after Friday’s keynote and enjoyed a leisurely and exclusive tour of the restored chapel and learned about the work still to be done on the interior. We appreciate Robin’s generosity in offering this tour to ASA/RMD conference attendees free of charge.

The dropping away of those whose papers were accepted but whose travel funds were cut was a bit less of a problem this year than last year. One last-minute cancellation was attributed to illness. This year twenty-six papers were presented, down one from last year.

This summer marked the second year in the terms of Division President James W. Mock and Division Vice-President Allison Hagerman. This year’s business meeting was brief and not well attended though we did make quorum. Of special significance were the replacement of Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Graham by Allison Hagerman, and the replacement of Vice President Hagerman by Reuben Ellis. The modification of the description of the role of the secretary/treasurer was approved and shall be posted on the web site. Repayment of the cost for the official supper for the Davenport keynote speaker for last year and this year, plus the cost of labels and supplies ($140.00) owed President Mock was approved, as was $50.00 to Vice President Hagerman for the cost of the web site for two years.

The twenty-six presentations reflect the long-standing interdisciplinary focus of the division: “Form and Content: Translating Poetry,” Eva Dadlez, Department of Humanities and Philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma; “Desire and Self-Knowledge in Shakespeare: The Aesthetics of Sexual Hypocrisy in Measure for Measure,” Sarah Woolwine, Department of Humanities and Philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma and D. Lance Marsh, School of Theatre, Oklahoma City University; “‘Where do we find ourselves?’: Walker Percy and Richard Ford,” Lawrence Rhu, Department of English, University of South Carolina; “Mark Twain’s Deconstructive Art in No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger,” John Samson, Department of English, Texas Tech University, “‘The Consummatory’ in Experiencing Early Music: A Romantic Anachronism?” Felicia Kruse, Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy Southern Illinois University – Carbondale; “Blended Worlds and Imaginative Resistance,” Elizabeth Picciuto, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland; “Ecce Homo/Ecce Mono: On the Significance of a Botched Restoration,” Allison Hagerman, Office of the Vice President for Research, University of New Mexico; “‘What’s Mud Got To Do With It?’ Cornerstones Community Partnerships and 25 years of Preservation,” Robin Jones, Cornerstones Community Partnerships (Executive Director); “Me, Myself and Us: Cavell, Autobiography and Literature,” Tim Gould, Department of Philosophy, Metropolitan State University of Denver; “Hoisted by their own Appropriations: The Dilemma of Postmodernism and Liturgical Motifs,” Mike Orenduff and Lai Orenduff, Valdosta State University; “Auteur Theory and the Aesthetics of Video Games,” Tad Bratkowski, doctoral student, Philosophy Department, Southern Illinois University---Carbondale; “What Does It Feel Like to be Human? Kant, Embodiment, and the Purpose of the Sublime,” Laura J. Mueller, PhD Candidate, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale; “‘Needless and Misleading’: Sustainability and Impermanence in the Colorado River Bibliographic Work of Francis Farquhar, Mike Ford and Frank Waters,” Reuben Ellis, Writing Department, Woodbury University; “Toward a Conception of Post-Millennial Romantic Comedy,” Sheryl Tuttle Ross, University of Wisconsin---La Crosse; “Artists as Public Intellectuals,” Raphael Sassower, Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; “‘Makers vs. Takers’ Political Discourse and Its Theology of Charity,” Jeffrey Scholes, Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; “The Place of English Landscape gardening in the History of Aesthetic Theory,” Roger Paden, Department of Philosophy, George Mason University; “Making and Matching, or Schema and Correction, E.H. Gombrich’s Incorrigible System,” James W. Mock, Department of Humanities and Philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma; “Lyric Poetry and Nietzsche’s Metaphysical Monism,” David Conter, Huron University College; “Folk, Popular, Primitive: Finding and Losing the Image,” Cornelia A. Tsakiridou, Department of Philosophy, La Salle University; “Aesthetics, Agency and the Gendered Body of Architecture in Early Imperial Rome,” Margaret Woodhull, Director, Master of Humanities Program, University of Colorado, Denver; “Aesthetic Empiricism and Informed Experience: Some Challenges for Scientists of Art,” William York, Indiana University; “Reading Polyaesthesially: Another Approach to the Aesthetics of Reading,” James R (Randy) Fromm, Excelsior College;  ”(A)esthetic Insights in Religious Dimensions of Peirce’s Thought (piano illustrations provided), Part II,” Arthur Stewart, Center for Philosophical Studies and M.M. Moore Dept of Music/Keyboard Division, Lamar University; “Hume’s Standard of Taste as the Narrow Circle” (panel discussion), Eva Dadlez and J. W. Mock, Department of Humanities and Philosophy, University of Central Oklahoma, and S. K. Wertz, Texas Christian University, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy; “Semblance or Consummation? Danto, Dewey and Langer on Embodied Meaning in Art,” Thomas M. Alexander, Department of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. To see the program, please visit

The session chairs managed the timing of presentations and discussions with uniform excellence and grace. We offer sincere thanks to all of them: Elizabeth Graham, Arthur Stewart, Lawrence Rhu, Spencer Wertz, John Samson, Allison Hagerman, Eva M. Dadlez, Jeffrey Scholes, Raphael Sassower, Elizabeth Graham, James Mock, Arthur Stewart, and Spencer K. Wertz.

Allison Hagerman

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