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ASA Eastern Division Meeting
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 15-16, 2016

As in past years, Temple University held its Monroe Beardsley Lecture at the time of the conference, sponsoring the lecture and the reception that followed. This year's address, entitled “Relics, Remnants, and Scrap: In Pursuit of the Genuine," was given by Carolyn Korsmeyer (University at Buffalo – SUNY). Here she argued that genuine things can deliver an aesthetic encounter of a distinctive sort, one that can put us in the presence of the past; and that the sense of touch is part of this experience.

The conference's Plenary Lecture was given by Robert Hopkins (New York University), and was entitled, “Imaginative Understanding, Affective Profiles, and the Expression of Emotion in Art." Here Hopkins defended a theory inspired by R.G. Collingwood that drew on the philosophy of mind hypothesis for which emotions and other affective states are to be treated as analogous to the sensory profiles exhibited by the things to which we affectively respond.

We received 40 paper submissions, 27 from men and 13 from women; of them, 14 submissions were from students. We accepted 18 individual papers, seven of which were from students. Of the accepted papers, 13 were from men and five from women. We also received three panel proposals and were able to accept all three. These comprised three men and six women. In addition, the invited panels comprised three women and three men. Overall, then, there were 19 men and 14 women presenting.

Paper topics covered such subjects as street art, culture, environmental aesthetics, horror, ugliness, deformity, emotional engagement, the jazz aesthetic, the ontology of art, sonic images, recordings, performances, and art history and museums. The three submitted panels were entitled Un)Disciplining Bodies: Narrative Disparities of Ideal Body Aesthetics in Art, Sport, and Culture (proposed by Lauren Alpert, and chaired by Aili Bresnahan); Conversations with Hegel about Artworks Produced after Hegel's Death (proposed by Paul Kottman); and Aesthetics of Ugliness (proposed by Lara Ostaric). In addition we had two invited panels: 1) Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Film (in collaboration with the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image), with Dirk Eitzen, Laura Di Summa-Knoop, and Paloma Atencia-Linares presenting (chaired by Charles Peterson), and 2) Portraiture, with Cynthia Freeland, Hans Maes, and Daniel J. Graham presenting (chaired by Alessandro Giovannelli).

We are grateful for the assistance of David Clowney (who provided beverages for one of the receptions and a projector), Lafayette College (which provided secretarial support, in addition to a projector and program printing), Temple University (which provided two graduate student assistants to help with registration), and Julie Van Camp, ASA Treasurer, who provided continuous assistance during the organization phase, and, at the conference's business meeting, offered a presentation on the ASA and some of its new projects. In addition we thank Thomas Adajian, Sondra Bacharach, Christopher Bartel, Kristin Boyce, Douglas Berger, John Carvalho, David Clowney, Brandon Cooke, Eva Dadlez, Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann, David Davies, Michael Deckard, Anne Eaton, Richard Eldridge, Susan Feagin, Ivan Gaskell, Timothy Gould, John Kulvicki, Samantha Matherne, Ronald Moore, Jonathan Neufeld, Anna Christina Ribeiro, Nicholas Riggle, Jenefer Robinson, Monique Roelofs, James Shelley, and Julie Van Camp for serving on this year's Review Committee. Many of the above-mentioned individuals also served as commentators on papers.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the ASA Eastern Division organizers for 2017, who will be Alessandro Giovannelli (Lafayette College) and Brandon Cooke (Minnesota State University, Mankato). The meeting will take place on April 28-29, 2017, at the Independence Park Hotel in Philadelphia.

Respectfully Submitted,

Aili Bresnahan and Alessandro Giovannelli

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