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JAAC: Special Symposia
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Forthcoming Symposia

Past Symposia

2015: 73.2 (Spring) The 100th Anniversary of Wölfflin's Principles of Art History
Symposiasts: Bence Nanay, David Bordwell, Whitney Davis, Jason Gaiger, Michael Newall
2014: 72.4 (Fall)  The Aesthetics of Ruin and Absence
Symposiasts: Carolyn Korsmeyer, Jennifer Judkins, Jeanette Bicknell, Elizabeth Scarbrough
2013: 71.3 (Summer) Serial Art
Symposiasts: Christy Mag Uidhir, Henry John Pratt, Roy T. Cook
2013: 71:2 (Spring)  Dance Art and Science
Symposiasts: Barbara Gail Montero, Noël Carroll and William P. Seeley, Graham McFee, David Davies, Renee M. Conroy

2010: 68.3 (Summer) Musical Improvisation
Symposiasts: Philip Alperson, Garry L. Hagberg, John M. Carvalho, William Day, Gary Iseminger

2005: 63:2 (Spring) Monroe Beardsley's Legacy in Aesthetics
Michael Wreen and Donald Callen (guest editors)
Symposiasts: George Dickie, Stephen Davies, Alan Goldman, Nicholas Wolterstorff

2003: 61.1 (Winter) How Museums Do Things with Artworks
Symposiasts: Tiffany Sutton, Ivan Gaskell, David Carrier

2001: 59.3 (Summer) Staging Interpretations
Symposiasts: David Z. Saltz, James R. Hamilton, Noël Carroll

2001: 59.1 (Winter) The Historicity of the Eye
Symposiasts: Arthur C. Danto, Noël Carroll, Mark Rollins, Whitney Davis

2000: 58.3 (Summer) The Legacy of Nelson Goodman
Symposiasts: Jenefer Robinson, Catherine Z. Elgin, Dominic McIver Lopes, Peter Kivy, Jean-Pierre Cometti, Howard Gardner, Curtis L. Carter

1999: 57.1 (Winter) Beauty Matters
Symposiasts: Peg Zeglin Brand, Marcia Muelder Eaton, Susan Bordo, Paul C. Taylor

1998: 56.3 (Summer) Wollheim on Pictorial Representation
Symposiasts: Richard Wollheim, Jerrold Levinson, Susan L. Feagin

1997: 55.1 (Winter) Meyer Shapiro
Symposiasts: Barry Schwabsky, Michael Ann Holly, Alan Wallach, Paul Mattick

1996: 54.1 (Winter) Public Art
Symposiasts: Hilde Hein, Gregg M. Horowitz, Michael Kelly

1995: 53.1 (Winter) Relativism and Interpretation
Symposiasts: Joseph Margolis, Stephen Davies, Robert Stecker

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Southern Aesthetics Workshop

10/3/2019 » 10/4/2019
Conference on Food, Art and Philosophy

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Arnold BerleantPast Secretary-Treasurer & 1976 Annual Meeting Program Chair
Jonathan NeufeldASA Trustee 2018-2021; JAAC Book Review Editor 2018-2023; 2017 ASA Annual Meeting Program Chair

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