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A Work of Art Outside the Age of Instagram: Visiting Walter De Maria's `The Lightning Field'
Ben Roth


Indigenous Aesthetics

Considering Indigenous Aesthetics: a non-Western paradigm
heather ahtone (Choctaw/Chickasaw)

A Cultural Hearing Aid
Dylan Robinson (Stó:lō)

Indigenous Art: From Appreciation to Art Criticism
David Garneau (Métis)

Dana Schutz's Painting of Emmett Till
Jay Miller

On Quality, Art Historically Considered
Patricia Emison


A Plea for Emoji
Alex King

The Fine Art of Social Distinction
Rossen Ventzislavov

Analyzing Human Adornment
Stephen J. Davies

A Review of Shusterman & Toma’s The Adventures of the Man in Gold: Paths Between Art and Life. A Philosophical Tale
Laura T. Di Summa

Naming and Re-naming Architecture: A Case Study
Flora Lynn Leibowitz


Categories of Art and Computers: A Question of Artistic Style
William P. Seeley
Catherine A. Buell
Ricky J. Sethi

From the Author’s Perspective Haecceities: Essentialism, Identity, and Abstraction
Jeffrey Strayer

Philosophy@TheVirtual Art Museum
Thomas E. Wartenberg

ASA Pacific Division. History: The Early Years in Recollection
Russell Moiraq

Some Musical, Personal, and Theoretical Digressions Regarding "Music Without Handles"
AJ Kluth

A Beautiful Future for Aesthetics: Three Avenues of Progress
John Dyck

Suggestions for the ASA: Creativity, Diversity, and Interdisciplinary Study
Sarah Gokhale


From the Author's Perspective: Forbidden Aesthetics, Ethical Justice, and Terror in Modern Western Culture
Emmanouil Aretoulakis

Sandwich Aesthetics
Peter L. Doebler

Robert R. Clewis

How and Why to Teach Inclusively in Aesthetics
Sherri Irvin

Aesthetics, Feminist Theory, and Feminist Aesthetics
Sheila Lintott

On the "Post" in Post-Feminism (or For Nice Little Girls with a Crotch that Talks)
John M. Carvalho

An Aesthetics of Games
C. Thi Nguyen

Arts of the Impossible
Jason Leddington


Doing Philosophy With Children
Thomas Wartenberg

Exquisite Palimpsests
Mara Leigh Koslen

"Arch of Enjoyment" — For and Against Henri Lefebvre
Ted Landrum

Engaging Grotesque Figurations in the College Classroom
Jjenna Hupp Andrews


The Crivelli Conundrum: Synopsis and Excerpt
Marcia Eaton

Representing and Picturing: Approaches in the Sciences and the Arts
Otávio Bueno

Representing Indeterminacy in Art and Science
George Darby


Essentialist Abstraction
Jeffrey Strayer

Musicology as an Object for HPS? An Exploration
Dean Rickles

Representation, Ontology, and Heuristics: Regulating Trade Between the Philosophy of Art and Philosophy of Science
Steven French

What Can the Philosophy of Science Do for the Philosophy of Art (and Vice Versa)?
Otávio Bueno
Steven French
Dean Rickles
George Darby

Contemporary Philosophical Aesthetics in China: A Re-reading of the Aesthetics Notion of Ganxing
Eva Kit Wah Man

Evaluating Indian Aesthetics
Saam Trivedi

Japanese Aesthetics
Carol Steinberg Gould
Mara Miller


Reflections on Being Editor of JAAC, 2003-2013
Susan Feagin

The Music in My Philosophy
Arnold Berleant

On Ambition in Art
Patricia Emison

Art’s Abject Other or the “New Cool”? Should Philosophy Rethink the Art/Craft Dichotomy?
Larry Shiner

Aesthetic Theory for the Working Musician
Robert Kraut

View from a Bridge – Aesthetics as an Aid to Artistic Practice
Matthew Rowe

About My Art
Michael Krausz


The Science of Art Is as Relevant to the Philosophy of Art as Artistic Representations Are to Science: A Reply to Roger Seamon
William P. Seeley

A Response to W. P. Seeley, “What Is the Cognitive Science of Art… and Why Should We Care?”
Roger Seamon

Reflections on Aesthetics and Jazz Drumming
Casey Haskins

Creating Feminist Visual Parodies
Peg Brand

Painting Over the Mind-Body Problem
Keith Lehrer

What Should We Expect from the New Aesthetic Sciences?
Vincent Bergeron

Where There Be Dragons: Finding the Edges of Neuroaesthetics
Anjan Chatterjee

What Is the Cognitive Neuroscience of Art… And Why Should We Care?
William P. Seeley

Spoiler Alerts…. Teaching Intro to Aesthetics with Some Recent Documentaries
Jeanette Bicknell

Lessons of Documentary: Reality, Representation, and Cinematic Expressivity
Jonathan Walley


After the Gold Rush
Paul Mattick

Art and Politics
Crispin Sartwell

Figuration and Gestural Abstraction: Prints of Arthur C. Danto
Ewa Bogusz-Boltuc

Stopping Making Art
Arthur C. Danto

Aesthetics and Copyright
Darren Hudson Hick

Remediation Revisited: Replies to Gaut, Matravers, and Tavinor
Dominic McIver Lopes


The APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers and the ASA Newsletter have worked together to publish a series of joint special issues on the influence of computers on art, a project started by Ewa Bogusz-Boltuc, including the articles by Dominic McIver Lopes, Derek Matravers, Berys Gaut, and Grant Tavinor.

Videogames, Interactivity, and Art
Grant Tavinor

Computer Art
Berys Gaut

Sorting Out the Value of New Art Forms
Derek Matravers

From the Author’s Perspective: A Philosophy of Computer Art
Dominic McIver Lopes


Actively Teaching (Artists) Aesthetics
Kathleen Desmond

Reflective Equilibrium in the Aesthetics Classroom
Theodore Gracyk


Department Seeks Aesthetician
Daniel O. Nathan

Aesthetician Seeks Work
Sherri Irvin

Dancework Reconstruction: Kinesthetic Preservation or Danceworld Kitsch?
Renee Conroy

In Defense of Beauty
Ruth Lorand


Culture, Capital, History, but Not Race?
Monique Roelofs

Philosophy and Style, Or Who’s Afraid of Beautiful Beasts?
Iskra Fileva

Jigsaw Garage
Carolyn Korsmeyer

For the Ghettoization of Aesthetics
Roger Seamon


Mining Aesthetics for Deep Gender
Peg Brand

Obstacles to Teaching Feminist Aesthetics
Joshua Shaw

Feminist Aesthetics in Feminist Theory: A Recent Case Study
Naomi Zack

Video Games and the Philosophy of Art
Aaron Smuts

Interdisciplinary Aesthetics
Ivan Gaskell

The Ugly
Mary Devereaux


Active Aestheticians
Berys Gaut

The Isolation of the ASA
Alex Neill

Let Them Naturalize Aesthetics: A Reply to Denis Dutton
Roger Seamon

Is the Balcony Closed? Philosophy of Film sans Film
Jinhee Choi

Let’s Naturalize Aesthetics
Denis Dutton


Voices from the Profession
Peter Kivy

Teaching Environmental Aesthetics
Allen Carlson


Law as an Aesthetic Subject
Brian Butler

Aesthetics and Ethics: The State of the Art
Jeffrey Dean

Professional Aesthetics and Environmental Reform
Marcia Eaton


Teaching Cognitive Science and the Arts III
Cynthia Freeland

Teaching Cognitive Science and the Arts II
Cynthia Freeland

Teaching Cognitive Science and the Arts I
Cynthia Freeland


The Lack of Historical Perspective in Aesthetics
Elmer Duncan

“The Truth in Painting” Or in Text? The Dialogue Between Studio Art and Theory in Education
Irina Costache


Kant’s Aesthetics: Tattoos, Architecture, and Gender-Bending
Tom Leddy

Teaching Experimental Theater: With Some Questions about Theatrical Style
Jim Hamilton


The Philosophical Status of Aesthetics
Mary Devereaux


Teaching Aesthetics to Artists
Doug Arrell

The Philosopher in the Dance Department
Julie Van Camp


Teaching Japanese Aesthetics: Whys and Hows for Non-Specialists
Mara Miller

Death of a Forger
Denis Dutton

Teaching Non-Western Aesthetics, Teaching Popular Art
Crispin Sartwell

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